Best European Cycling destinations

Europe houses some of the world’s best cycling paths. From tours featuring food and wine tastings to touring medieval towns, these routes will grab your attention and give you the best memories possible. Some of the more famous ones are:

Danube Cycle Path

It’s the most popular cycling route in Europe and attracts young and senior cyclists alike.

It follows its namesake all the way from Germany to the Black sea. The most popular stretch is a 190-mile portion between Passau, Germany and Vienna, Austria.

Flanders Beer Routes

There are a variety of brewery routes in the Belgian region of Flanders, that will accommodate the beer-loving cyclists. These 20 to 30-mile loops will take you to traditional Belgian breweries and abbeys, which make some of the world’s best beer.

Piva Canyon Road

It stretches along the Piva river and passes through more than sixty tunnels and a canyon, before reaching a little resort town near Lake Piva.

Iron Curtain Trail

The Bulgarian cycle path heads east to into the mountains, passing through popular spa town like Gotse Delchev and Devin. From there cycle to the beautiful and untouched Rhodope Mountains full of fresh spring water and lots of camping options.

Hebridean Way

This Scottish 185-mile route contains 10 islands, connected by ferries and causeways. The peaceful and remote roads stretch alongside the Atlantic coastline. Its hills have a panorama which will leave you in awe.

Alsace Wine Road

This route is one of the most beautiful in France. It stretches along former rail lines and parts of the Roman road. It often leads to intimate villages with wine tasting options.


One of the more popular scenic cycling routes in Norway, build to transport construction materials or the Bergen-Oslo railway. The 51-mile stretch will award you with pristine nature combined with historical elements along the way.

Baltic Sea Cycle

Almost 5000 miles long, this route passes through 9 countries along the coast of the Baltic Sea. You can admire everything from white sands to frozen lakes.

Vasco-Navarro Railway

One of the longest routes in Spain. The flat path guides you from Victoria-Gasteiz to the town of Estella, where the route connects with the well-known Camino de Santiago pilgrims’ ways, which can also be explored with a bicycle.

Via Francigena

It’s the longest signposted route in Italy leading from the border of Switzerland to Rome. This pilgrimage route is over a thousand years old and it passes through Tuscan landscapes and medieval towns like San Gimignano

Camino Frances

It’s the most popular part of the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. It’s 490 miles long and passes through large cities like Leon, but also between the cities, you can enjoy the mountainous landscapes of the Pyrenees and the Rioja vineyards.

Tauern Cycle Trail

This route starts in Gerlos Pass and ends in Salzburg. Along the way, it has views of the Hohe Tauern National Park, Lake Zel, Grossglockner Mountain and the dramatic Krimml waterfall, one of the highest in Europe.


The 75-mile Parenzana Railway connects Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. It passes through vineyards, olive and peach groves and colorful villages with many gourmet food stops to choose from.